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We Offer the Best Roof Repair in Norman, OK

No matter how well-constructed and sturdy your roofing system is it will eventually wear out and succumb to the natural cycle of degradation. It is imperative to repair your roof to safeguard your home and property. It will also prevent you from more serious and costly issues, such as mold infestation and damaged insulation.

You can avoid costly repairs and possibly evade the need to install a brand new roof by addressing the problem immediately. Don’t let your roof ruin your investment. Let us manage your roofing issues while you get the security and comfort that good roofing systems provide.

Our team is highly skilled and qualified to address any structural issue, including urgent roof repair. We have extensive experience in the roofing industry and are equipped with the proper knowledge to address almost any issue. We are skilled and qualified to handle all aspects of roof repair, design, and construction.

We tackle and fix different roofing problems such as leaks, hail damage, missing shingles, and the entire re-roofing process. To determine the extent of the damage, we first assess it through a professional roof evaluation survey and then develop an effective action plan to fix the specific problem. We only use top-quality products and materials that are recommended by top architects.

Our damage assessment experts are dispatched to your location to perform an initial analysis and check for any potential problems. This includes recommendations for specific work and recommendations about the best materials to use. We place more emphasis on long-term strategies than short-term ones, as we believe our clients will benefit from long-term alternatives. However, our clients always have the final say. We will gladly assist them with short-term solutions if they prefer.

Are you still unsure about who to hire to fix your roofing system problems? We can help!

Shingle Roof

Water leaks are an indication of roof damage. But they don’t necessarily indicate that you have to tear down your entire roof system and replace it. Sometimes, it just needs a minor repair. Bad installation is the leading cause of water leaks in shingle roofing.

Our roofing experts will assess your roof’s condition to determine the cause. To find the root cause of your roof problems, we will need to know everything.

We value our reputation that’s why we only recommend the best and cost-effective solutions. If your roof is still in great shape and needs minor repair, we will recommend a basic roof repair. This will save time and money.

Flat Roof

Flat roofs often don’t last as long as those with slanted roofing. This area is vulnerable to snow, rain, and other debris. Over time, the materials’ integrity will weaken due to pressure.

With proper care and maintenance, sealants can be used to prolong the roof’s life expectancy and provide protection. . We also offer flat roofing repair services, such as EPDM (rubber), TPO, or Modified Bitumen (“torch-down”), and coatings.


Installing flashings at the wrong spots can cause roofing damage. Flashings are a frequent cause of water damage. They can lead to a host of k outcomes that could turn into costly problems such as mold growth or rotting ceilings.

Let our roofing experts assess your roof flashings and tell you if they are causing any leaks. We also provide flashing repair services at a very reasonable cost

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